Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Social!

Hi Everyone!

Happy Sunday Social! Hope everyone's day is as relaxed as mine is :) Let's Get Started!

1. 4 Favorite bands you loved in high school: Something Corporate, Dashboard Confessional, Mest, and New Found Glory.

2. 4 go to meals you’d love to learn to cook or can cook really well: I would love to cook any main Korean dish really well. But I make awesome beef stew, apple pork chops, chicken fried rice and lemon pepper chicken.

3. 4 necessities to your daily life: my phone, a good book, tea and chocolate :)

4. 4 makeup necessities you must have if you could only have 4 on: powder, lip gloss, mascara and blush.

5. 4 favorite apps on your phone or iPad: bloglovin', facebook, instagram, and kindle for iphone or ipad.

I think Sunday Socials are so much fun and a great way to find new blogs :)

until next time <3



  1. Enjoyed reading your post! Happy Sunday :)

  2. We could have been friends in high school, I LOVED Something Corporate and Dashboard Confessional. Still do lol!

    1. i still love them too! along with a ton of others :p we could totally be friends now hehe :p