Thursday, January 16, 2014

Just a lil update on the next few posts to come :)

Hey Everyone!

I've really been itching to post today but don't really have much to post but I thought I would clue you guys into what I'm planning for the next few posts :) I recently did some damage at Ulta during the friends and family sale that is still currently going on for 20% off on almost everything in the store. I ordered online so I am waiting for that to come in the mail so as soon as I get that I'll be doing a haul. I am also currently awaiting my ipsy glam bag monthly subscription and I've also recently signed up for another beauty subscription box that's pretty new to the states call the memebox and I'll definitely be giving you the lowdown on that. I'm super excited! but any who that's what to expect within the next few posts! Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, comments etc on what you would like to see or hear about from me!

until next time <3


oh! and just in case you wanted to take part in the Ulta Friends and Family sale, it's going on til Saturday, January 18th and here's a link to get the coupon :)

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